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2016 HCRA State Champions!

08.18.2016 0

We held our title!

On August 6, 2016, we secured out 14th HCRA State Championship at Ke’ehi Lagoon on O’ahu. Our keiki brought in a record 9 gold medals!

We will be celebrating our win with a potluck on Friday, August 19 at HCC Hale.

Join us!

Mahalo to all of our supporters and sponsors for helping make 2016 regatta season another success!


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Congratulations to all our paddlers and members who helped us win our 13th HCRA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! It rained all day in Hilo Bay but that didn’t phase us.

Join us on Saturday , August 8 at 5pm for a celebratory potluck. There will be live music and a disco after dinner. Keiki are asked to bring drinks, water, juice or soda. Adults please bring main dishes and sides. Salad, dessert and rice is covered. There will be no BBQ so please bring your food ready to eat. Adults, BYOB. See you there!

hawaiian canoe club

Hawaiian claims eighth state canoe crown in nine years

08.03.2009 0

HILO — Close to sunset, while the last race of the Hawaii Canoe Racing Association championship at Hilo Bay was being run Saturday, Hawaiian Canoe Club keiki coach Paul Luuwai already knew that his club had sewn up a state title.

”It’s euphoria right now,” Luuwai said of winning the AAAA Division championship, for the largest clubs, with 355 points — 60 more than runner-up Kai Opua. ”It feels so good to have accomplished this. The years of dedication, the months of planning and organizing and planning some more, the anticipation of it all. It’s so great to be able to bring this back to Maui, especially after such a bittersweet loss last year.”

In 2008, Hawaiian placed second in the state regatta, three points behind Lanikai, ending a streak of seven consecutive titles.

This year, Hawaiian had 21 top-seeded crews — which means the first pick of a lane — in the 37 races. The winners of the last 25 county titles, however, found that the conditions were not what they expected.

”The lanes were very deceiving today,” Luuwai said. ”You fight all year to come in top seed, but today the currents were deceptive in the way lanes are running.”

Hawaiian faced some other challenges, too, including a disqualification for a false start in the junior men’s division. Additionally, some of the HCC paddlers were only able to find flights that brought them to Hilo with little time to prepare before a race, and often had to hurry off upon completing an event to catch a flight back home.

”Our club was strong enough to overcome those challenges like lanes and travel” said HCC president Diane Ho. ”But it’s really not about the challenges, we all face challenges. Today was about our club coming together. Each individual, every single paddler contributed to this championship — the paddlers, coaches, boat holders, and the aunties that fed us — everyone made this happen. It wasn’t one person, one race. It was the whole team and that’s really special to us. It feels good to come into Hilo and to win, especially the way we won today, which was a total club effort.”

Hawaiian had four first-place crews — in boys 12 (Mogul Luuwai, Caleb Kaaukai, Judah Garrison, Ariel Elftman-Hanson, Pita Tuliau and Bradley Alo), girls 14 (Ali Hoeck, Justus Tuliau, Kara Frampton, Ui Ahuna, Angelique Fontaine and Casey Rech), girls 15 (Julice Valencia, Ali Hoeck, Diondra Gomes, Ui Ahuna, Lilinoe Bal and Kiana Siliado) and women’s novice B (Tiare Ferguson, Michelle Laberge, Kristy Bartunek, April Ingle, Heaven Tancayo and Jennifer Stites).

”We didn’t have all-star attitudes this year,” Luuwai said. ”We had a lot of return kids that have chosen to stay in Hawaiian’s family and that made such a big difference. There were a lot of alumni kids out there. I’m so proud of them. It is such an honor to play this game, the sport of our ancestors. Awesome and euphoric.”

Starr Begley is at sbegley@mauinews.com

Hawaiian breaks 1,000 points

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HCC completes unbeaten run through county schedule

Hawaiian Women
LAHAINA — For Hawaiian Canoe Club, Saturday’s final regatta of the county season was a day of bittersweet victory.

HCC dominated the event with 162 points and will be taking 31 crews to the state championship in Hilo on Aug. 1, but lost state berths in the men’s novice B and women’s golden masters divisions.

Hawaiian finished second in the women’s race and third in the men’s Saturday at the Kamehameha Regatta at Hanakao’o (Canoe) Beach Park.

Saturday’s event was also the last for former Hawaiian men’s coach Rick Nuu, who will be relocating to Canada before the state regatta.

”I’m just planning on enjoying this last race with good friends,” Nuu said as he was preparing to participate in the men’s masters race. ”Leaving here, I see that the men’s program is still doing well, going strong. We have young men who have come up through the club and I’m pleased to see them doing well. I’ll miss the warm water for sure.”

Hawaiian, which had already secured a 25th straight Maui County Hawaiian Canoe Association title, had 24 first-place crews Saturday in completing an unbeaten run through the seven-regatta county schedule in which it amassed 1,057 points.

Lae Ula O Kai (86) was second on Saturday, and had 10 first-place crews. Kihei (69 points, five first-place crews) was third.

Kihei finished second in the season standings with 546 points. Lae Ula O Kai (491) was third.

Paul Luuwai, who coaches Hawaiian’s keiki and senior crews, believes that the team has a strong chance of reclaiming the state championship after having a seven-year run halted last season.

”As far as states, we pretty much maintained what we had,” Luuwai said. ”It was disappointing to lose the seeds in Novice B and 55 women, but that’s racing. You can’t win them all.”

The MCHCA gets two berths in the state regatta. Hawaiian earned the county’s top seed in 26 events, and the No. 2 seed in five others.

Hawaiian, which also did not qualify in 14 boys, junior men, master men, golden master men, mixed golden masters and grand master men, may have a chance to buy lanes.

”Lanes will be open to purchase,” Luuwai said. ”So if we get lucky, we’ll be able to buy lanes in those events. The problem is that on late notice, it’s going to be extremely challenging to get the crews flights over to the Big Island. That’s the problem with having the championship in Hilo, the flights all get full. We have crews that qualified today and now the challenge is getting them over there. It’s like, (you’ve) got to take off four days work to go. It’s pretty crazy.”

Kaimana Lee, who teamed with Kelsey Apo, Stephanie Campbell, Kawena Cramer, Kappy Frampton and Barbara Querry to win the junior women’s race on Saturday, is looking forward to the state regatta, at which all teams must compete in koa canoes.

”To race in a koa canoe is very special,” Lee said. ”When I’m in a koa canoe, I know it’s states. There’s so much mana in it. It triggers that ‘we’re at states’ emotion in me. Koa was once living, and they are made with so much craftsmanship, I feel like the mana has to carry through.’

Hawaiian has two koa canoes. The Kokololio, which has been with the club since it began, is used only for the quarter-mile, straight races. The Pahili Kiu was first used in a race in 2002 and holds a special place in the hearts of many of the club members.

”It means a lot to a lot of our members, because they were there through its creation,” Lee said. ”We went out to Kipahulu, found the perfect tree. The chants that were used were very specific to cutting down koa for a canoe. We hauled it down the mountain, brought it down to the hale where it cured for 40 days and 40 nights. Members would come and see it. It was an amazing experience and to look forward to race it is very special.”

Starr Begley is at sbegley@mauinews.com

Saturday’s Results

At Hanakao’o

(Canoe) Beach Park

Hawaiian 162

Lae Ula O Kai 86

Kihei 69

Kahana 35

Napili 35

Na Kai Ewalu 24

Wailea 21

Lahaina 16

Hana 8


Final Season Standings

Hawaiian 1,057

Kihei 546

Lae Ula O Kai 491

Kahana 288

Napili 269

Wailea 220

Na Kai Ewalu 140

Lahaina 104

Hana 70




Saturday’s Results

At Hanakao’o (Canoe) Beach Park


Quarter Mile

Girls 12B—1. Hawaiian (Lilia Lorenzo, Amanda Williams, Brenna Hoonan-Amby, Ashonte Fair, Mapuana Andrade, Mehana Fisher) 2:18.39, 2. Kihei 2:35.76, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 2:40.87, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 2:44.56, 5. Napili 2:45.08, 6. Lahaina 2:55.77. Girls 12A—1. Hawaiian (Tressie Ostermiller, Neula Aarona, Aspen Cruz-Wallace, Mikaela McDaniel, Tianna Yonemura, Mehana Fisher) 2:08.21, 2. Kahana 2:27.22, 3. Napili 2:27.93, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 2:30.21, 5. Lahaina 3:02.58. Girls 13—1. Hawaiian (Hi’ilei Casco, Bela Hamilton, Bobbi-Lin Kalama, Alexis Gomes, Kelli-Jean Nishida, Kaulu Luuwai) 2:08.86, 2. Napili 2:12.61, 3. Hana. 2:19.54, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 2:38.24, 5. Lahaina 2:54.38, 6. Kahana 3:00.07. Girls 14—1. Lae Ula O Kai (Ruti Zwick, Kamalei Warrington, Melissa Haake, Tarryn Nascimento, Kamaile Yamamoto, Lani Abordo-Nakoa) 2:04.51, 2. Hawaiian 2:05.08, 3. Wailea 2:19.39, 4. Kahana 2:19.78, 5. Kihei 2:20.45, 6. Napili 2:26.88. Women novice B—1. Hawaiian (Tiare Ferguson, Michelle Laberge, Jamie Gomer, Kristy Bartunek, Melissa Nelson, Jennifer Stites) 2:01.18, 2. Wailea 2:06.10, 3. Kihei 2:11.02, 4. Lahaina 2:18.07, 5. Napili 2:23.89.


Half Mile

Girls 15—1. Hawaiian (Julice Valencia, Kara Frampton, Diondra Gomes, Lei Bista, Lilinoe Bal, Kiana Siliado) 4:31.79, 2. Lae Ula O Kai 4:37.88, 3. Kahana 4:56.40, 4. Kihei 4:58.77. Girls 16 and under—1. Kahana (Shaina Auld, Ariel Kahahane, Kaualani Kaholokula, Ciara Kahahane, Misty Branco, Kamalani Kaholokula) 4:44.31, 2. Hawaiian 4:46.89, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 4:59.79, 4. Hana. 5:03.44, 5. Kihei 5:15.46, 6. Wailea 5:28.71. Girls 18 and under—1. Hawaiian (Julice Valencia, Ali Hoeck, Ka’ui Kaupe, Shalei Defrancia-Galeai, Kara Frampton, Kiana Siliado) 4:30.62, 2. Kihei 4:37.66, 3. Napili 5:09.29, 4. Kahana 5:26.98. Women novice A—1. Hawaiian (Honora Kalama, Melissa Kikkert, Jackie Sabado, Rachel Bianco, Tamika Recopuerto, Wendy Giblin) 4:21.94, 2. Lae Ula O Kai 4:32.16, 3. Kihei 4:36.78, 4. Kahana 4:50.26, 5. Wailea 4:51.83, 6. Napili 4:52.25, 7. Na Kai Ewalu 5:29.71. Senior master women—1. Lae Ula O Kai (Beth Faust, Bonnie Ann Dela Cruz, Kat Wilder, Caitlin Nascimento, Robin White, Emi Alves) 4:48.52, 2. Hawaiian 4:55.10, 3. Kihei 5:01.46. Golden master women—1. Lae Ula O Kai (Kathie Zwick, Iris Mountcastle, Tina Del Dotto, Karen Chun, Kathryn Mahoney, Doreen Dagan) 4:46.47, 2. Hawaiian 4:51.49. Grand master women—1. Kihei (Renee Riley, Sandy Bell, Judy Martter, Nancy Plenty, Diane Wetzel, Stephanie Stucky) 4:59.32, 2. Hawaiian 5:17.99, 3. Kahana 5:39.17. Women open four—1. Lae Ula O Kai (Michele Golberg, Mari Toro-Ford, Mira Cotter, Sharon Balidoy) 4:51.24, 2. Hawaiian 4:52.19, 3. Hana. 5:22.55, 4. Kihei 5:40.12, 5. Kahana 5:43.51.


One Mile

Freshman women—1. Hawaiian (Rebecca Jakeway, Stephanie Campbell, Noelani Vorhies, Carolina De Sa, Maria Souza, Sanoe Elf) 8:34.65, 2. Lae Ula O Kai 8:53.53, 3. Lahaina 9:16.14, 4. Napili 9:36.62. Sophomore women—1. Lae Ula O Kai (Shayna Arakawa, Rosela Balinbin, Chanel Kaiwi, Leilani Napoleon, Momi Kaikala, Melissa Manandic) 8:58.98, 2. Kahana 8:59.81, 3. Hawaiian 9:10.90, 4. Kihei 9:19.72, 5. Napili 9:38.95. Junior women—1. Hawaiian (Barbara Querry, Kaimana Lee, Kawena Cramer, Kappy Frampton, Stephanie Campbell, Kelsey Apo) 8:34.34, 2. Kihei 8:41.34, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 8:59.92, 4. Napili 9:55.24. Master women—1. Hawaiian (Dane Ward, Carla Fadriquela, Theresa Felgate, Cathy Uu, Kappy Frampton, Emily Fielding) 8:45.12, 2. Kihei 8:59.94, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 9:17.94, 4. Napili 10:30.74.


1 1/2 Miles

Open women—1. Lae Ula O Kai (Holly Dollar, Jocelyn Hrkach, Mari Toro-Ford, Michele Golberg, Lani Gomes, Sharon Balidoy)13:21.27, 2. Hawaiian 13:22.22, 3. Kahana 13:53.04, 4. Napili 14:50.90.




Quarter Mile

Boys 12B—1. Hawaiian (Tylor Brown, Caleb Kaaukai, Roman George, Santiago Walker, Lihau Higashino, Ian Ferguson) 2:14.29, 2. Napili 2:25.21, 3. Kihei 2:35.65, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 2:41.85, 5. Wailea 2:55.80, 6. Lahaina 3:07.16. Boys 12A—1. Hawaiian (Bradley Alo, Judah Garrison, Caleb Kaaukai, Pita Tuliau, Ariel Elftman-Hanson, Mogul Luuwai) 2:02.42, 2. Napili 2:14.13, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 2:27.22, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 2:28.61, 5. Lahaina 2:34.82, 6. Kihei 3:14.77. Boys 13—1. Hawaiian (Ryan Graham, Alika Ostermiller, Taylor Kaaukai, Kekoa Uyechi, Maleko Lorenzo, Nicolas Garvin) 1:58.43, 2. Napili 2:03.29, 3. Wailea 2:10.47, 4. Kahana 2:26.72. Boys 14—1. Lae Ula O Kai (J.R. Rios, Vilivaka Pinedo-Vehikite, Kupono Hu’eu, Camryn-Jay Wilhelm, Duke Kuhia, Ryan Bartolome) 1:54.19, 2. Wailea 1:57.09, 3. Hawaiian 1:59.09, 4. Napili 2:00.91, 5. Na Kai Ewalu 2:32.78.


Half Mile

Boys 15—1. Hawaiian (Levi Almeida, Kamahoe Bal, Flo Michelier, Kekai Fernandez, Ryan Knutson, Xavier Leon) 3:56.39, 2. Kahana 4:02.67, 3. Napili 4:25.21, 4. Wailea 4:31.46, 5. Lae Ula O Kai 4:38.61. Men novice B—1. Kihei (Lon Tucker, William Frohlich, Ben Cruz, Keoni Tamayo, John May, Wilson Angel) 3:51.29, 2. Lahaina 3:52.58, 3. Hawaiian 3:58.53, 4. Napili 4:10.77, 5. Na Kai Ewalu 4:12.40, 6. Wailea 4:20.37, 7. Kahana 4:27.08. Boys 16 and under—1. Hawaiian (Flo Michelier, Scott Sadler, Kamahoe Bal, Cody Knutson, Harley Souza, John Hart) 3:58.69, 2. Na Kai Ewalu 4:08.19, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 4:11.60, 4. Kahana 4:14.65, 5. Kihei 4:16.35, 6. Wailea 5:01.17. Senior master men—1. Hawaiian (Derek Barona, Dana Souza, Ronald Johnston, Jono Fadriquela, Ronald Williams, John McCandless III) 4:04.56, 2. Lae Ula O Kai 4:14.49, 3. Kahana 4:15.75, 4. Hana. 4:20.98. Golden master men—1. Lae Ula O Kai (Biggie Lara, Wendall DeVera, Brett Simison, Jack Dyson, Chris Overall, Llewellyn Chun) 3:54.72, 2. Kihei 4:01.83, 3. Hana. 4:17.94, 4. Kahana 4:38.32, 5. Hawaiian 5:06.50. Grand master men—1. Lae Ula O Kai (James Woessner, Thomas Wright, Bruce Dobbin, Brian McCafferty, Casey Del Dotto, Jimmy Takayesu) 4:02.60, 2. Kihei 4:03.93, 3. Hawaiian 4:28.65. Men open four—1. Hawaiian (Ryan Grasa, Tony Beltran, John Gosselin, Kakaika Teves) 4:12.08, 2. Wailea 4:17.46, 3. Na Kai Ewalu 4:18.62, 4. Napili 4:29.59, 5. Kihei 4:35.69, 6. Lahaina 4:37.26, 7. Lae Ula O Kai 4:53.97, 8. Kahana 5:11.63.


One Mile

Boys 18 and under—1. Hawaiian (Gabriel Griebenow, Levi Almeida, Kawai Stanich, Xavier Leon, Daniel Ho, Harley Souza) 7:58.98, 2. Kihei 8:04.98, 3. Na Kai Ewalu 8:15.35, 4. Napili 8:46.31. Men novice A—1. Na Kai Ewalu (Hans Harder, Keoki Nakoa, Jake Freeman, Waylon Rich, Ian Johnson, Jimbo Eitel) 7:23.80, 2. Hawaiian 7:29.87, 3. Napili 7:42.35, 4. Kihei 7:59.67, 5. Lae Ula O Kai 8:15.15. Freshman men—1. Kihei (Sol Pali, Tom Guerin, Robert Brede, Tony Ancog, Austin Talley, Aaron Serrao) 7:45.33, 2. Hawaiian 7:47.15, 3. Na Kai Ewalu 8:04.04, 4. Kahana 8:08.55. Sophomore men—1. Hawaiian (J.B. Guard, Malu Brayce, Judson McCandless, Ryan Grasa, Jason Gomes, Joshua Kekupa’a Nae’ole) 7:17.91, 2. Lae Ula O Kai 7:29.05, 3. Kahana 7:29.64, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 8:10.94, 5. Hana. 8:49.50, 6. Kihei 8:52.35. Junior men—1. Kihei (Ryan Gazmen, Kaleo Evangelista, Nabil Vogele, Keona Dang, Paul Jr. Keliikupakako Jr., Kawika Williams) 7:20.37, 2. Wailea 7:23.69, 3. Lahaina 7:37.31, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 7:55.52, 5. Hawaiian 8:05.92. Master men—1. Lahaina (Spud Lenhardt, Bear Keahi, Franklin Laborte, Richard Olson, Mark Shimer, Alan Kuiper) 7:39.93, 2. Kihei 7:50.48, 3. Hawaiian 7:52.09, 4. Kahana 8:48.55.


1 1/2 Miles

Open men—1. Hawaiian (Felipe Gomes, Malu Brayce, Keola Ferguson, Jason Gomes, Tony Beltran, Joshua Kekupa’a Nae’ole)11:16.81, 2. Wailea 11:43.34, 3. Napili 11:48.26, 4. Kahana 11:51.05, 5. Lae Ula O Kai 11:59.05, 6. Lahaina 12:25.09, 7. Kihei 12:27.63, 8. Na Kai Ewalu 12:50.79.




Quarter Mile

Mixed 12—1. Hawaiian (Tressie Ostermiller, Pita Tuliau, Judah Garrison, Taylor Awai, Mogul Luuwai, Mikaela McDaniel) 2:06.02, 2. Napili 2:12.97, 3. Na Kai Ewalu 2:23.64, 4. Kahana 2:36.88, 5. Lahaina 2:40.81, 6. Kihei 2:48.95, 7. Lae Ula O Kai 2:58.00, 8. Wailea 3:01.66. Mixed novice B—1. Kihei (Sherrie Austin, Amity Mason, Ben Cruz, Keoni Tamayo, Lon Tucker, Anela Gutierrez)1:50.63, 2. Hawaiian 1:54.06, 3. Lahaina 1:58.51, 4. Wailea 1:59.41, 5. Lae Ula O Kai 2:01.64, 6. Na Kai Ewalu 2:06.27, 7. Napili 2:07.69, 8. Kahana 2:11.12.


Half Mile

Mixed 18—1. Hawaiian (Jonathan Waikiki, Micah Notestone, Ui Ahuna, Shalei Defrancia-Galeai, Kiana Atkinson, John Hart) 4:12.86, 2. Lae Ula O Kai 4:22.83, 3. Napili 4:27.65, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 4:30.49, 5. Kihei 4:32.76. Golden master mixed—1. Lae Ula O Kai (Biggie Lara, Wendall DeVera, Brett Simison, Iris Mountcastle, Kathie Zwick, Doreen Dagan) 4:23.83, 2. Kihei 4:27.29, 3. Hawaiian 4:57.37, 4. Kahana 5:43.15. Mixed Masters—1. Hawaiian (Dane Ward, Carla Fadriquela, Cathy Uu, Bruce Uu, David Ward, Michael Giblin) 3:54.24, 2. Kihei 4:03.28, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 4:21.23, 4. Lahaina 4:30.96, 5. Kahana 4:39.07. Men and women—1. Hawaiian (Kawena Cramer, Barbara Querry, Lauren Bartlett, Felipe Gomes, Keola Ferguson, J.B. Guard) 3:54.03, 2. Na Kai Ewalu 4:02.74, 3. Kihei 4:05.57, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 4:07.41, 5. Wailea 4:35.68, 6. Kahana 4:37.96, 7. Hana. 4:43.88, 8. Napili 4:52.92, 9. Lahaina 4:57.56.

HCC rules at home regatta

07.13.2009 0

By STARR BEGLEY, Staff Writer

KAHULUI – At the end of the the John M. and Kealoha Lake Regatta, Hawaiian Canoe Club president Diane Ho appeared content as she stood on the deck of the top floor of the club’s hale at the Kahului Harbor.

”People just don’t seem to get it,” Ho said. ”Look at this. Kahului Harbor is beautiful.”

It would be hard to argue with her. The view of the calm water from atop the hale was stunning Saturday as evening clouds began to move in over the West Maui Mountains. According to Ho, the mountains are a source of mana for the club while paddling.

”From the water, you have a different view of Iao Valley,” said Ho. ”It’s our power source.”

Dominant on Maui and a state power with eight championships in the past 10 years, there were no surprises on Saturday as Hawaiian won again by a landslide, earning 154 points in 49 events.

Lae Ula O Kai came in a strong second after entering 34 events and earning 83 points, pushing Kihei (77) to third place.

With just one race to go in the Maui County Hawaiian Canoe Association season before the state competition, Ho was focused on the strategy of earning top state seeding. As it stands, Hawaiian has 33 crews that are in position to compete at the state meet next month in Hilo.

Though there were many close races at Saturday’s regatta, the race of the day went to the mixed masters event. Hawaiian, fighting the current after pulling lane eight, won by by a split-second and clinched the top seed for states.

The HCC crew of Dane Ward, Margie Kawaiaea, Cathy Uu, Bruce Uu, David Ward and Michael Giblin finished the half-mile race in 4 minutes, 4.42 seconds, edging out Kihei (4:05.38).

”There are so many good paddlers on Maui,” Ho said. ”When it comes down to these last few races, you really have to target races. Today, to have pulled off one of those races for the top seeding is great. To have pulled it off even after pulling the eighth lane which was a real challenge, is a clutch win. It was neck and neck; you couldn’t even see who won.”

Rather than the wins, Ho says the focus of HCC remains instilling sound Hawaiian cultural values into the 280-300 club members, which in turn makes all the difference in competing.

”It’s not all win, win, win,” she said. ”Though I think that part of it (winning events) is keeping our youth. We don’t keep all of them, of course there are dropouts, but we keep a lot of them and by the time they become adults, they’ve learned a lot and have a deep respect for the culture.”

Beginning at the age of 12, keiki in the club take annual trips to Lanai and Kahoolawe, where they perform community service.

Last week, the children went to Kahoolawe, where they spent time building a rock trail after paddling there and back.

”It’s a huge accomplishment to a 12-year-old,” said Ho. ”It’s good for them. This is their home. This is their Ka’ahumanu (Shopping) Center, so to speak, where they hang out. During the school year we have a computer area for them to use for homework and we keep track of their grades.”

The host team won five of nine keiki competitions Saturday, though Napili, which won three and placed second in five of the keiki events, is showing serious promise with its young paddlers.

”It would be nice in the future to be at the top, if the kids stay in the program, but it’s not what we focus on, beating Hawaiian, at the start of the season,” said Napili head coach Joey Tihada. ”We do try to instill in the kids, like all the canoe clubs here, that they are our future and have them realize that they can make a difference.

”As for Hawaiian, they are in a class by themselves right now. They’ve got a good kids program, good adult program and for me, I wish I could run a program like theirs, and I look to them to help guide me in how I teach my kids, to guide them into being responsible young adults.”

Hawaiian had another reason to celebrate on Saturday. In the next three weeks, they will be breaking ground on their new hale which will be built next to their current structure at the harbor.

”We’re excited,” said Ho of the plans for the traditional thatched-roof hale. ”It will be great to have and another step in utilizing and beautifying the area.”

Saturday’s Results At Kahului Harbor


Quarter Mile

12B-1. Hawaiian 2:33.10 (Lilia Lorenzo, Aspen Cruz-Wallace, Amanda Williams, Ashonte Fair, Mapuana Andrade, Mehana Fisher), 2. Napili 2:49.75, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 2:51.46, 4. Kihei 2:52.94, 5. Na Kai Ewalu 3:05.68, 6. Wailea 3:11.02. 12A-1. Hawaiian 2:27.15 (Tressie Ostermiller, Neula Aarona, Tianna Yonemura, Amanda Williams, Taylor Awai, Mehana Fisher), 2. Napili 2:38.40, 3. Na Kai Ewalu 2:40.13, 4. Kahana 2:42.81, 5. Lahaina 3:07.36, 6. Wailea 3:15.72. 13-1. Hawaiian 2:21.90 (Tressie Ostermiller, Hi’ilei Casco, Bobbi-Lin Kalama, Alexis Gomes, Bela Hamilton, Kaulu Luuwai), 2. Napili 2:24.86, 3. Hana 2:30.72, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 2:37.56, 5. Lahaina 2:59.82. 14-1. Lae Ula O Kai 2:24.28 (Ruti Zwick, Kamalei Warrington, Melissa Haake, Kamaile Yamamoto, Lani Abordo-Nakoa, Kyra McMillian), 2. Kahana 2:29.55, 3. Kihei 2:30.63, 4. Hawaiian 2:37.90, 5. Wailea 2:39.25, 6. Napili 2:40.74, 7. Hana 2:49.41. Novice B-1. Hawaiian 2:21.87 (Tiare Ferguson, Michelle Laberge, Puanani Kidwell, Kristy Bartunek, Melissa Nelson, Jennifer Stites), 2. Kihei 2:25.30, 3. Lahaina 2:26.14, 4. Napili 2:34.07.

Half Mile

15-1. Lae Ula O Kai 4:51.19 (Maikael Gosselin-Gunn, Nicole Rios, Shyla Kapoi, Lani Abordo-Nakoa, Ruti Zwick, Kelcie Rapoza), 2. Hawaiian 5:02.51, 3. Kahana 5:22.34, 4. Napili 5:31.16. 16 and under-1. Kahana 5:02.21 (Shaina Auld, Ariel Kahahane, Kaualani Kaholokula, Makanalani Hussey, Misty Branco, Kamalani Kaholokula), 2. Hawaiian 5:05.02, 3. Hana 5:18.18, 4. Wailea 5:33.12, 5. Kihei 5:56.65. 18 and under-1. Hawaiian 4:50.52 (Julice Valencia, Shalei Defrancia-Galeai, Lilinoe Bal, Ka’ui Kaupe, Shana Kong, Corynne Kawaiaea), 2. Kihei 4:52.37, 3. Napili 5:21.94, 4. Kahana 5:44.74. Novice A-1. Hawaiian 4:42.99 (Honora Kalama, Melissa Kikkert, Jackie Sabado, Rachel Bianco, Tamika Recopuerto, Wendy Giblin), 2. Lae Ula O Kai 4:46.43, 3. Kihei 4:55.50, 4. Kahana 5:07.58, 5. Napili 5:21.88. Senior Master-1. Hawaiian 5:06.96 (Marian Zajac, Lynn Carroll, Faith Mori, Lovei Bednorz, Sharon Goldenberg, Patty Rycroft), 2. Lae Ula O Kai 5:07.83, 3. Kihei 5:15.13. Golden Masters-1. Kihei 5:03.52 (Vanessa Weiss, Anita Anderson, Deborah Pearsall, Irene Geyer, Lea Giddens, Pua Williams), 2. Lae Ula O Kai 5:08.80, 3. Hawaiian 5:19.69. Grand Masters-1. Hawaiian 5:48.47 (Sally Ann Flinn, Barbara Ringering, Dawn Kaluakini, Sandra Cole, Kekoa Enomoto, Mary Akiona), 2. Kihei 5:56.95, 3. Kahana 6:11.47. Open Four-1. Lae Ula O Kai 4:55.69 (Michele Golberg, Mari Toro-Ford, Mira Cotter, Sharon Balidoy), 2. Hawaiian 5:04.39, 3. Hana 5:32.78, 4. Kihei 5:33.72, 5. Kahana 5:38.26, 6. Na Kai Ewalu 5:49.53.

One Mile

Freshman-1. Hawaiian 9:48.87 (Rebecca Jakeway, Stephanie Campbell, Noelani Vorhies, Carolina De Sa, Maria Souza, Sanoe Elf), 2. Lae Ula O Kai 10:08.08, 3. Lahaina 10:32.62, 4. Napili 10:58.06. Sophomore-1. Kahana 9:42.82 (Gail Falkenbury, Lani Kane, Liz Straka, Rose Butihi, Michael Montoya, Lisa Olmos), 2. Lae Ula O Kai 9:43.98, 3. Hawaiian 9:53.65, 4. Kihei 10:06.42, 5. Napili 10:19.02. Junior-1. Hawaiian 9:28.80 (Kaimana Lee, Carla Fadriquela, Theresa Felgate, Kawena Cramer, Michelle Cerizo, Tiare Lawrence), 2. Kihei 9:39.62, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 10:22.85. Masters-1. Hawaiian 9:21.06 (Dane Ward, Carla Fadriquela, Margie Kawaiaea, Cathy Uu, Karen Mooiweer Thorndike, Emily Fielding), 2. Kihei 9:31.71, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 9:55.05, 4. Napili 10:46.62.

1 1/2 Miles

Open-1. Hawaiian 14:05.77 (Barbara Querry, Kaimana Lee, Lauren Bartlett, Michelle Cerizo, Carolina De Sa, Kelsey Apo), 2. Lae Ula O Kai 14:12.88, 3. Kahana 14:20.06, 4. Kihei 15:38.10.


Quarter Mile

12B-1. Napili 2:28.04 (Jacob Naganuma, Kona Kaaihue Ah Puck, Kawika Sanchez, Leeland Alavazo, Steven Kama, Ansen Cabanilla), 2. Hawaiian 2:34.82, 3. Kihei 2:39.87, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 3:09.96, 5. Na Kai Ewalu 3:11.45. 12A-1. Napili 2:28.41 (Kawika Sanchez, Connor Mowat, Bronsen Vierra, Kona Kaaihue Ah Puck, Leeland Alavazo, Brandon Kaina Jr.), 2. Hawaiian 2:30.69, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 2:33.80, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 2:36.08, 5. Lahaina 3:33.65. 13-1. Hawaiian 2:15.92 (Ryan Graham, Alika Ostermiller, Taylor Kaaukai, Kekoa Uyechi, Maleko Lorenzo, Nicolas Garvin), 2. Wailea 2:17.00, 3. Napili 2:18.30, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 2:47.14, 5. Kahana 2:49.03, 6. Lahaina 3:11.12. 14-1. Wailea 2:02.42 (Quinn Whitford, Joseph Kang, Max Oneha, Justin Firmignac, Fred Sims, Trent Corpuz), 2. Lae Ula O Kai 2:03.82, 3. Napili 2:22.34, 4. Hawaiian 2:23.47, 5. Na Kai Ewalu 2:30.98, 6. Kihei 2:40.32.

Half Mile

Novice B-1. Kihei 4:00.06 (Lon Tucker, William Frohlich, Ben Cruz, Keoni Tamayo, John May, Wilson Angel), 2. Lahaina 4:04.53, 3. Hawaiian 4:06.16, 4. Napili 4:14.75, 5. Na Kai Ewalu 4:28.74, 6. Wailea 4:29.61. 15-1. Hawaiian 4:13.09 (Levi Almeida, Kamahoe Bal, Flo Michelier, Wakea Po, Ryan Knutson, Xavier Leon), 2. Kahana 4:20.46, 3. Napili 4:26.25, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 4:37.68, 5. Wailea 4:47.60. 16 and under-1. Hawaiian 4:18.29 (Levi Almeida, Kamahoe Bal, Harley Souza, Scott Sadler, Koa U’u, John Hart), 2. Na Kai Ewalu 4:19.83, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 4:25.08, 4. Kahana 4:25.93, 5. Kihei 4:26.89, 6. Wailea 4:58.43. Senior Masters-1. Kihei 4:13.08 (George Rixey, Roy Sabado, Mark Kasbergen, Eric Goertz, John Salse, Stanford Lanias), 2. Hawaiian 4:18.36, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 4:22.20, 4. Hana 4:37.03. Golden Masters-1. Lae Ula O Kai 4:06.14 (Biggie Lara, Wendall DeVera, Brett Simison, Jack Dyson, Chris Overall, Llewellyn Chun), 2. Kihei 4:22.10, 3. Hana 4:39.85, 4. Hawaiian 4:59.93, 5. Kahana 5:02.12. Grand Masters-1. Lae Ula O Kai 4:26.68 (James Woessner, Thomas Wright, Bruce Dobbin, Brian McCafferty, Casey Del Dotto, Jimmy Takayesu), 2. Kihei 4:27.92, 3. Kahana 4:31.70, 4. Hawaiian 4:52.51. Open Four-1. Na Kai Ewalu 4:10.09 (Jimbo Eitel, Waylon Rich, Jake Freeman, Richard Palakiko), 2. Hawaiian 4:16.07, 3. Wailea 4:16.95, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 4:25.94, 5. Kahana 4:28.55, 6. Napili 4:51.62, 7. Hana 5:05.81.

One Mile

18 and under-1. Hawaiian 9:04.69 (Gabriel Griebenow, Akua Po, Kawai Stanich, Sonny Ah Kui, Jonathan Waikiki, Daniel Ho), 2. Kihei 9:25.75, 3. Na Kai Ewalu 9:26.51. Novice A-1. Na Kai Ewalu 8:18.80 (Hans Harder, Keoki Nakoa, Jake Freeman, Waylon Rich, Ian Johnson, Jimbo Eitel), 2. Hawaiian 8:28.99, 3. Napili 8:50.56, 4. Kahana 9:02.98, 5. Lae Ula O Kai 9:28.64, 6. Kihei 9:33.13. Freshman-1. Hawaiian 8:16.64 (Akua Po, Gabriel Griebenow, Rory Frampton, Ryan Grasa, Jason Gomes, Joshua Kekupa’a Nae’ole), 2. Kihei 8:46.88, 3. Kahana 8:52.60, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 8:58.43. Sophomore-1. Lae Ula O Kai 8:10.26 (Amir Arbel, Lee Moyers, Pete Gapero Jr, Reggie Balidoy, Ricky Balidoy, Josiah Nishita), 2. Hawaiian 8:11.10, 3. Kahana 8:24.01, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 9:11.30, 5. Hana 3:91.76. Junior-1. Kihei 8:16.27 (Ryan Gazmen, Keona Dang, Kaleo Evangelista, Nabil Vogele, Paul Jr. Keliikupakako Jr., Cody Vares-Nealon), 2. Lahaina 8:33.07, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 8:34.62, 4. Hawaiian 9:12.94. Masters-1. Lahaina 8:01.22 (Spud Lenhardt, Bear Keahi, Franklin Laborte, Richard Olson, Mark Shimer, Jamie Mihlbauer), 2. Kihei 8:01.87, 3. Kahana 8:34.86, 4. Hawaiian 9:07.84.

1 1/2 Miles

Open-1. Hawaiian 11:58.62 (JB Guard, Malu Brayce, Michael Giblin, Keola Ferguson, Felipe Gomes, Joshua Kekupa’a Nae’ole), 2. Wailea 12:04.42, 3. Kahana 12:53.03, 4. Lae Ula O Kai 12:55.32, 5. Kihei 13:13.36, 6. Napili 13:15.37, 7. Na Kai Ewalu 13:23.92.


Quarter Mile

12-1. Hawaiian 2:21.77 (Neula Aarona, Judah Garrison, Aspen Cruz-Wallace, Pita Tuliau, Tianna Yonemura, Mogul Luuwai), 2. Napili 2:27.99, 3. Na Kai Ewalu 2:35.09, 4. Kahana 2:56.80, 5. Lae Ula O Kai 3:15.63, 6. Wailea 3:18.52. Novice B-1. Kihei 2:05.04 (Sherrie Austin, Amity Mason, Ben Cruz, Keoni Tamayo, Lon Tucker, Anela Gutierrez), 2. Hawaiian 2:05.42, 3. Lahaina 2:07.02, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 2:08.59, 5. Lae Ula O Kai 2:09.43, 6. Wailea 2:10.43, 7. Kahana 2:15.12, 8. Napili 2:26.04.

Half Mile

18-1. Hawaiian 4:30.35 (Scott Sadler, Xavier Leon, Shalei Defrancia-Galeai, Sonny Ah Kui, Kiana Atkinson, Corynne Kawaiaea), 2. Lae Ula O Kai 4:39.14, 3. Napili 4:44.02, 4. Kihei 4:51.14, 5. Na Kai Ewalu 4:57.41. Golden Masters-1. Lae Ula O Kai 4:24.52 (Biggie Lara, Wendall DeVera, Brett Simison, Iris Mountcastle, Kathie Zwick, Doreen Dagan), 2. Kihei 4:29.04, 3. Hawaiian 4:51.11, 4. Kahana 5:33.76. Masters-1. Hawaiian 4:04.42 (Dane Ward, Margie Kawaiaea, Cathy Uu, Bruce Uu, David Ward, Michael Giblin), 2. Kihei 4:05.38, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 4:08.44, 4. Lahaina 4:10.59, 5. Kahana 4:41.61. Open-1. Hawaiian 4:01.93 (Kawena Cramer, Barbara Querry, Lauren Bartlett, Felipe Gomes, Keola Ferguson, Ryan Grasa), 2. Kihei 4:03.73, 3. Lae Ula O Kai 4:05.80, 4. Na Kai Ewalu 4:13.89, 5. Hana 4:33.79, 6. Lahaina 4:35.83, 7. Kahana 4:41.75, 8. Napili 5:00.82.

Lahaina, Hawaiian score victories

06.29.2009 0

Dominance in keiki races helps HCC win 23 of 42 events

 Hawaiian Canoe Club’s women’s novice A team takes first place Saturday afternoon. Paddlers are (left to right) Wendy Giblin, Tamika Recopuerto, Rachel Bianco, Jackie Sabado, Melissa Kikkert and Honora Kalama.

Hawaiian Canoe Club’s women’s novice A team takes first place Saturday afternoon. Paddlers are (left to right) Wendy Giblin, Tamika Recopuerto, Rachel Bianco, Jackie Sabado, Melissa Kikkert and Honora Kalama.

Hawaiian Canoe Club’s women’s novice A team takes first place Saturday afternoon. Paddlers are (left to right) Wendy Giblin, Tamika Recopuerto, Rachel Bianco, Jackie Sabado, Melissa Kikkert and Honora Kalama.

By ROBERT COLLIAS, Staff Writer Maui News

LAHAINA – In a tale of two canoe clubs, it was a solid day for host Lahaina and perennial champion Hawaiian at the Keiki O Maui Regatta on Saturday at Hanakaoo (Canoe) Beach Park.

The day for the two clubs was measured in extremely different ways, however.

For the tiny group from Lahaina, the season has been a big jump forward, perhaps most notably that their membership has doubled over what it was last year. That has also been measured on the scoreboard, where the hosts scored a season-high 16 points on Saturday.

Lahaina assistant coach Svar Hartman said the team’s season-long enthusiasm was at its brightest on Saturday for the club’s regatta.

”Oh definitely, we had a few more people show up today, just to help support, even though they are not racing,” Hartman said. ”We broke out our koa (canoe), ‘Lehia,’ just for display. We raced it in a couple of the kids races. It is definitely more exciting, we have got more people, and we just got another boat donated to us.”

For Hawaiian, the state champs in eight of the last 10 years, the fifth of seven county regattas was business as usual – winning 23 of the 42 races, rolling up 149 points and keeping track of the state seeds it does have. Hawaiian has now won more than half of all the races this season, 107 of 210.

Kihei solidified its hold on the season runner-up spot with a season-high 82 points, Lae Ula O Kai was third with 59, Kahana fourth with 46, Napili and Wailea tied for fifth with 37, Na Kai Ewalu had 21, Lahaina was next and Hana finished with eight.

HCC came into the day with 33 state crews, sitting in top two spots for the Maui County Hawaiian Canoe Association, 23 of those in No. 1 slots.

HCC veteran keiki coach Paul Luuwai was busy tracking the club’s state numbers and getting ready to guide about 100 HCC youths to Lanai for the weekend, using three outriggers and seven escort boats as part of the club’s Kamalii cultural program for the 18-and-under set.

Thirteen of the HCC wins came from the keiki ranks – out of 16 events – as the club easily walked away with the keiki title in the only MCHCA regatta that awards one.

”We pay attention to the trophy a little bit, but right now it is still all about the state championships and how can we improve on that aspect of it,” Luuwai said. ”Even though kids are winning we are always looking on what we can improve on – do they have good timing, good technique, you know, the fundamentals of our sport.”

Luuwai is also the HCC unofficial statistician, tracking the rest of the state. He says the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association event could be wide open with defending champion Lanikai of Oahu back in the mix after a slow start to the season. Lanikai and HCC each had 33 state qualifiers coming into the weekend, upstart Kailua had 29 and Kai Opua of the Big Island had 31.

”Everybody is still jockeying for position, but today was a special day for us because we got to race a lot of our kids who hadn’t gotten to race yet this season,” Luuwai said.

Finding a seat is not a problem for LCC, although Hartman said the membership numbers have skyrocketed for the club this season.

”Our numbers have got to be at least doubled from what we had last year,” Hartman said. ”You can tell even in just the points … while we are still modest, you know, on the lower end of the points-getters of the whole association. But in one regatta this year we got more points than we got in the entire last year of regattas. I think we have reached double digits in points every week and we haven’t done that in several years.”

Hartman said that is a good sign for the future.

”We are definitely getting better. We have got kids, our novice B men and women are coming up and doing better and better, our (novice) B boys are tied for second based on what they did this week,” he said. ”They got a second and they won last week. Our girls finally got their first medal today, so we are making improvement, and our club is getting larger. Those are the things we are trying to build in Lahaina this year.”

Lahaina currently holds two qualifying spots for the HCRA state regatta on Aug. 1 at Hilo Bay – the men’s masters 40 and the novice B men.

”Our masters 40-plus men’s division crew has been doing really good,” Hartman said. ”They got first place the first two regattas. They have fallen back and got consecutive seconds in the last two. They are trying to step it up this week and have a really good performance.”

The LCC masters men took over first in their division with a time of 7 minutes, 15.7 seconds on Saturday, 17 seconds in front of Kihei. Those two crews entered the race tied atop the season-long standings.

Spud Lenhardt, Bear Keahi, Rich Olson and Mark Shimer have been in each men’s masters race in the MCHCA season, which has only two events to go – the John M. and Kealoha Lake Regatta on July 11 at Kahului Harbor and the Maui Championships Regatta on July 18 at Hanakaoo.

”Those are four core members and this week our coach, Geoff Bogar, is going to be in the crew also,” Hartman said.

The presence of Bogar, a highly successful veteran paddler, seemed to make a difference. Alan Kuiper rounded out the crew on Saturday.

”The focus is on those two (novice B and masters) crews right now since we have them in state contention,” Hartman said.

* Robert Collias is at rcollias@mauinews.com.

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