2014 Registration!

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Adult Registration
April 7, 2014 || 3-5pm
Please bring your drivers license or passport.
2014 Membership Dues: $100
2014 Regatta Dues: $100
2014 Novice B Regatta Dues: $60
Practices Start April 16, 2014 5pm

Keiki Registration
April 14, 2014 || 3-5pm
Please bring keiki’s birth certificate or passport.
2014 Keiki Regatta Dues: $80
2014 Keiki Regatta Dues w/ Paddling Parent/Guardian: $40
Practice Start Date TBA

Please contact Arianna at 808-893-2124 or with any questions regarding registration.

2014 Season Kick Off Potluck

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2014 Promo Poster

Join us on March 22, 2014 at 11am for our 2014 Season Kick Off Potluck!

If you are curious about our programs or facilities, come down and meet the team. We won’t be paddling, just “talking story” and getting excited for the 2014 Regatta season!

There are also NOVICE paddling practice on Mondays & Wednesday at 5pm. This is for adults who have never raced before but are interested in learning the sport and racing competitively.

Further questions?

Email or call (808)893-2124 during office hours (M-F, 1-4pm)

July 3 Pali Hike excursion details

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We have an excursion on July 3 to do the 5 mile Pali Hike.

The bus will leave the Hale at 8:00am.  Closed toed shoes and water are MANDATORY.  No shoes & water, no hike.  We strongly recommend a CamelBak hydration system, but each keiki should bring at least a half-gallon of water on the hike.  This is in addition to water/juice that you may want to pack with lunch.

Please have your keki bring the following items packed in two bags:

Bag #1
•    Lunch and water/juice + water for the hike

Bag #2 (to be left at the hale)
•    Towel
•    Practice clothes/extra clothes

Makena Landing excursion details, 6/25

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Because of changes to our Kaho’olawe Excursion, we’ve had to move our Makena Landing excursion to June 25.  We will make a stop to visit Hokule’a which is visiting Maui as part of its worldwide sail.

Please have your keiki bring the following:
•    Kamali’i tshirt or HCC racing jersey
•    Lunch and water
•    Sunscreen and hat
•    Towel
•    Snorkel or goggles
•    Change of clothes (cannot board bus in wet clothing)

The bus leaves the hale at 8:15pm.  We will return for practice.

New Kamali’i Program schedule for June 25-July 2

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Due to the change in dates for the Kaho’olawe excursion, there are some changes to the Kamali’i Program schedule.

UPDATED HCC Kamalii Calendar 2013

8am-2pm Tues., 6/25 Excursion to Makena Landing
1pm Wed., 6/26 Regular Kamali’i Program (some keiki on Kaho’olawe)
1pm Thurs., 6/27 Regular Kamali’i Program (some keiki on Kaho’olawe)
1pm Fri., 6/28 Regular Kamali’i Program (some keiki return from Kaho’olawe)
1pm Mon., 7/1 Regular Kamali’i Program
1pm Tues.., 7/2 Regular Kamali’i Program

Kamehameha Regatta on 6/15 moved to Hanaka’o’o

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The Kamehameha Regatta, hosted by Wailea Canoe Club, will be held at Hanaka’o’o Beach Park in Lahaina on Saturday, June 15. The manini crews will race just before 8:00am followed by the first official race of the day, the 65+ master women.

The free youth regatta bus will leave Hoaloha Park at 6:00am sharp. No bus pass is needed to ride the regatta bus.

Click to download Kamehameha Regatta lane draw as a pdf



Kamali’i exucursion to Lahaina, 6/13

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The Kamali’i will visit Lahaina town on June 13, specifically the wa’a kaulua (double hull voyaging canoes).  We will also learn about Moku’ula. Please have your keiki wear an HCC shirt, pack a lunch, lunch, water, sunscreen and work gloves (option.)

The bus will be at the Hale at 8:00am.  We return for practice.

*The regatta this weekend has been moved to Hanaka’o’o.  The free youth bus will leave the hale at 6:00am. No bus pass is needed for that bus ride.

John M. & Kealoha Lake Regatta

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Mahalo to our members for their hard work on Saturday, June 8.  The club did an outstanding job hosting the Lake Regatta.  We also performed well on the water scoring over 130 points.

The Kamehemeha Day Regatta, hosted by Wailea Canoe Club on June 15, has been moved to Hanaka’o’o Beach in Lahaina.  The regatta is schedule to start at 8am.  The free youth bus will depart Hoaloha Park at  6am SHARP!

Click to download JMKL Regatta results as a pdf

Free child care for HCC members during practice

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In an effort to support HCC members with young children and grandchildren, Hawaiian Canoe Club is excited to offer FREE child care during practice for its members.  The service is free for HCC members who are in good standing with the club.

Child care will be Monday through Friday from 5:00-7:30pm in the HCC classroom.  Keiki in HCC child care will not be permitted to play in the yard or beach.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are asked to pack a snack for their keiki.  HCC will provide some toys and art supplies but donations of such items are welcomed.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are required to complete an enrollment form for each keiki prior to starting HCC child care.  You can download the form as a pdf here.

Please call or email the HCC office with questions, 893-2124 or



HCC & Imua Family Services partners to host Paddle Imua

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In late 2011 a unique partnership was forged between Hawaiian Canoe Club executive director Kaimana Brummel and Imua Family Services executive director Dean Wong.  The goal was to connect Imua’s mission of provding keiki theraputic services to the broad the ocean-loving Maui community.   What has emerged is Paddle Imua.

Proceeds from Paddle Imua will benefit Imua Family Services’ Camp Imua, an annual program that takes place in June at Camp Maluhia in the West Maui Mountains. For one week, 50 special needs campers and more than 100 volunteers come together for a week of crafts, games, swimming, helicopter rides and general fun, while making new friends and catching up with old.

More than just a SUP/OC1 race, Paddle Imua is a community event that brings people together to the north shore of Maui for a day of ocean enjoyment and celebration. Under the leadership of Camp Imua Director Maile John, Paddle Imua has attracted the best businesses, restaurants, and sponsors to create an unforgettable experienced for racers, their families, and most importantly the Camp Imua campers.

“One of the unique aspects of this water competition on Maui is that the competitors will be given the opportunity to mix and mingle with our special needs children of Camp Imua at the finish of the race and give the kids some water sports exposure and opportunity,” explains Wong.

Now in its second year, Paddle Imua has grown to also include ‘Ike Imua / ‘Ike Moana, a special day for the Camp Imua campers to access the ocean with some one Maui’s best water men and women.  Check out the video below of this awesome event hosted at Hawaiian Canoe Club.  And please join HCC at Paddle Imua on Saturday, May 4, 2013.

2013 Maui Invitational Keiki Regatta results

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Maui Invitational Keiki Regatta

March 8 & 9

Kahului Harbor

Hosted by Hawaiian Canoe Club


OC2 Race Results

Novice A Girls

  1. Hawaiian I 2:12.08
  2. Hawaiian II 2:12.25
  3. Pulama Hoe 2:20.00
  4. Pomare Tahiti 2:27.58


Novice A Boys

  1. Pomare Tahiti 2:07.68
  2. Pulama Hoe 2:11.48
  3. Hawaiian 2:15.11


Novice A Mixed

  1. Pomare Tahiti 2:12.8
  2. Hawaiian II 2:12.34
  3. Keahiakahoe 2:18.56
  4. Hawaiian I 2:18.97
  5. Pulama Hoe 2:20.81


JV Girls

  1. Keahiakahoe 2:11.36
  2. Hawaiian 2:12.57
  3. Alapa Hoe 2:19.29
  4. Pulama How 2:23.14


JV Boys

  1. Hawaiian I 1:52.45
  2. Keahiakahoe 1:53.76
  3. Pomare Tahiti 1:55.86
  4. Hawaiian II 2:05.68
  5. Pulama Hoe 2:09.16
  6. Alapa Hoe 2:23.96


JV Mix

  1. Pomare Tahiti 2:00.41
  2. Hawaiian 2:00.81
  3. Keahiakahoe no time (NT)
  4. Hawaiian NT
  5. Alapa Hoe NT
  6. Pulama Hoe NT


Varsity Girls

  1. Hawaiian 2:09.23
  2. Keahiakahoe 2:12.69
  3. Alapa Hoe 2:13.56
  4. Pulama Hoe 2:36.33


Varsity Boys

  1. Hawaiian I 1:51.04
  2. Keahiakahoe 1:51.11
  3. Alapa Hoe 1:56.34
  4. Pomare Tahiti 1:57.44
  5. Hawaiian II 1:58.03
  6. Pulama Hoe 2:00.00


Varsity Mix

  1. Hawaiian 1:51.77
  2. Keahiakahoe 2:00.86
  3. Alapa Hoe 2:05.15
  4. Pomare Tahiti 2:06.69
  5. Pulama Hoe 2:31.15



OC6 Results


Novice A Girls

  1. Hawaiian I 2:12.25
  2. Pomare Tahiti 2:12.56
  3. Pulama Hoe 2:26.04
  4. Hawaiian II 2:35.89
  5. Hawaiian III 2:47.15


Novice A Boys

  1. Pomare NT
  2. Pulama Hoe I NT
  3. Pulama Hoe II NT
  4. Hawaiian NT


Novice A Mix

  1. Pomare Tahiti 2:03.12
  2. Hawaiian I 2:09.55
  3. Pomare Tahiti 2:16.15
  4. Pulama Hoe 2:17.65
  5. Hawaiian II 2:18.44
  6. Pulama Hoe 2:24.07


JV Girls

  1. Keahiakahoe 1:59.34
  2. Paopao Tahiti 2:02.42
  3. Pomare Tahiti 2:07.45
  4. Hawaiian I 2:08.62
  5. Alapa Hoe 2:13.15
  6. Keola o Ke Kai 2:13.80
  7. Hawaiian II 2:14.52
  8. Pulama Hoe 2:18.71


JV Boys

  1. Paopao Tahiti 1:45.73
  2. Keahiakahoe 1:47.55
  3. Pomare Tahiti 1:48.11
  4. Hawaiian 1:57.26
  5. Keola o Ke Kai I 2:00.57
  6. Keola o Ke Kai II 2:08.52
  7. Pulama Hoe 2:10.83


JV Mix

  1. Pomare Tahiti 1:51.60
  2. Paopao Tahiti 1:52.99
  3. Keahiakahoe 1:53.86
  4. Paopao Tahiti 1:54.75
  5. Pomare Tahiti 1:57.17
  6. Hawaiian II 1:58.53
  7. Hawaiian I 2:05.45


Varsity Girls

  1. Hawaiian 4:32.11
  2. Keahiakahoe 4:34.07
  3. Keola o Ke Kai 4:51.55
  4. Hawaiian II 4:52.04
  5. Alapa Hoe 4:53.07
  6. Kilohana 5:02


Varsity Boys

  1. Hawaiian I 3:47.33
  2. Keahiakahoe 3:47.56
  3. Kilohana 3:51.03
  4. Hawaiian II 3:52.48
  5. Pomare Tahiti 4:14.51
  6. Keola o Ke Kai I 4:22.09
  7. Keola o Ke Kai II 4:28.88


Varsity Mix

  1. Keahiakahoe 4:02.25
  2. Hawaiian I 4:02.59
  3. Alapa Hoe 4:04.66
  4. Pomare Tahiti 4:11.74
  5. Hawaiian II 4:12.34
  6. Apala Hoe 4:26.32
  7. Kilohana 4:26.52


2013 Regatta Season Practice Schedule annouced

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Regatta season practice schedule has been set by the coaches.  Please call the HCC office at 893-2124 or email if you have any questions.


Division Days Commence
Open Women M/W/Th April 1
Open Men M/Tu/Th April 1
Nov. B Women M/W/F April 1
Nov. B Men M/W/F April 1
Aunties (50+) M/Tu/Th April 1
Uncles (50+) Tu/Th/Sat or Sun April 2
Nov. A Women M/W/F April 1
Nov. A Men M/W/Th April 1
Keiki Daily May 1


Month of March: general club practice
All adult paddlers (open, masters, novice) are welcomed to general club practice on Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00pm.  Practice will be run by Coach Rob Hoonan.

Open Men (novice A, open, and 40 master men)
Special program meeting on Wednesday, March 13, 6pm at the hale.  Come talk story about the goals and direction of the program.

Adult Registration
Monday, April 1, 5:00pm
Items to bring

  • Copy of ID (birth certificate, driver’s license, State ID, or passport)
  • 2013-2014 HCRA waiver
  • Dues: $180 for open/nov a/masters or $140 for novice b (cash, check or credit)

Keiki Registration
Monday, April 15, 2:30-5:30pm
Items to bring


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