Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2015-2017


Dave Ward, President
Board Development Chair


Kelsey Nae’ole, Vice President
Facilities & Equipment Chair










Mary Akiona, Treasurer



Barbara Querry, Director
Financial Stability & Sustainability co-chair



Tobi Fisher, DirectorPailolo Challenge Race Committee



Diane L. Ho, Director
Coaching Committee Chair
Head Coach


bruce uu

Bruce U’u, Director


Stephen Smith, Director Pailolo Challenge Race Committee

Stephen Smith, Director
Pailolo Challenge Race Committee



Kevin Ledesma, Director

Board of Directors Kuleana

  • Set policy
  • Approve budget
  • Oversee Head Coach
  • Oversee Executive Director
  • Deal with the concerns of the membership
  • Set and abide by the by-laws
  • Approve fundraising events
  • Convene an annual meeting for the full membership
  • Provide officials and representatives for MCHCA & HCRA

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